We have a professional and experienced team to provide planning, creatives, operation, analysis, and other ads-related services.
After analyzing the positioning of brands and products, we design the landing pages of ads based on the characteristics and preferences of target users.
Focusing on the performance of ads, the senior operation team formulates plans to achieve refined operations and optimize the ads strategies.

WeChat Ads

Based on the WeChat ecosystem, this is a social marketing platform that integrates multiple resources such as Moments, Official Accounts, Mini Programs and combines users' social, reading, and life scenarios. Currently, WeChat ads are available for residents in 12 countries and regions including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, and others. Meanwhile, WeChat Ads also covers overseas travelers in 42 countries and regions.

WeChat Moments Ads

Similar to the original content in your WeChat moments, WeChat Moments Ads provides a unique social marketing platform to advertisers by integrating high-quality traffic. Users can engage in the ads by likes, and comments and the ads can be shared through social connections, which will rapidly build brand awareness.

WeChat Official Accounts Ads

Based on the WeChat ecosystem, the ads are displayed in 4 different slots in the official account articles and charged by impressions or clicks.

WeChat Mini Program Ads

According to the scenarios on the WeChat platform, the ads forms include WeChat mini-games videos, WeChat Mini Program mini-games banners, and WeChat Mini program interstitial ads.

Ocean Engine Ads

Multiple dimensions to achieve precision in targeting users. Beneficial from big data of ByteDance, and based on the user images of more than 600T, the platform performs dynamic analysis and modeling of characteristics on user behaviors. An advanced targeting system helps to identify target users and increase the quality of ads.

Toutiao Ads
Toutiao is a recommendation system product based on data mining that recommends personalized information. Toutiao ads appear in the information stream in a native way, which can accurately achieve precision and reach target users. Ads resources: Toutiao Pops ads, Toutiao info stream ads, and others.

Douyin Ads
Focusing on the new generation of users, Douyin ads provides a flexible and precise way to reach users by characteristics tags, interests, and scenarios. It is suitable for different targets like downloading, sharing, and branding. Ads resources: Douyin Pops ads, Douyin info stream ads, Douyin games, DOU+, and others.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Feeds – Attractive pictures to deliver brand concepts

Banners – Multiple pictures to deliver more info

Videos – Dynamic pictures and sound to tell brand stories

Slides –  Videos to connect with users more easily

Canvas – Customized, short-loading ads experience to tell brand stories perfectly

广告营销 Online Ads
广告营销 Online Ads
广告营销 Online Ads
广告营销 Online Ads
广告营销 Online Ads
广告营销 Online Ads
广告营销 Online Ads

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